Naval Warships, submarines and helicopters/aircrafts used by Indian Navy

 Naval Warships, submarines and helicopters/aircrafts

Indian Navy

General Information

Type Number
Aircraft carriers 1
Amphibious transport dock 1
Landing ship tanks 8
Destroyers 11
Frigates 12
Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine 2
Conventionally powered attack submarines 16
Corvettes 22
Landing Craft Utility 8
Large offshore patrol vessels 10
Fleet tankers 5

List of known attack Submarines (Total 15 known submarines)

Source of power Name Year of commissioning Manufactured by
Diesel-electric submarines (SSKs) INS Kalvari 2017 India
Diesel-electric submarines (SSKs) INS Khanderi 2019 India
Diesel-electric submarines (SSKs) INS Karanj 2021 India
Diesel-electric submarines (SSKs) INS Vela 2022 India
Diesel-electric submarines (SSKs) INS Vagir 2022 India
Diesel-electric submarines (SSKs) INS Shishumar 1986-1994 Germany
Diesel-electric submarines (SSKs) INS Shankush 1986-1994 Germany
Diesel-electric submarines (SSKs) INS Shalki 1986-1994 Germany
Diesel-electric submarines (SSKs) INS Shankul 1986-1994 Germany
Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) INS Arihant 2016 India

SSBN: Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine
SSK: Diesel-electric attack submarines

The Navy’s Kilo-class submarine, INS Sindhudhvaj, was decommissioned from service on Jul 17, 2022 at Visakhapatnam after 35 years in service. Further, more kilo-class submarines will be decommissioned after their long service to India.

List of Warship

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Aircraft carriersINS VikrantUsed for power projection and sea control
Amphibious transport dockINS JalashwaUsed for amphibious warfare
Landing ship tanksINS Shardul, INS Magar, INS Kesari, INS Airavat, INS Jalashwa, INS Shardul (II), INS Airawat (II), INS Magar (II)Used for amphibious warfare
DestroyersINS Kolkata, INS Kochi, INS Chennai, INS Delhi, INS Mysore, INS Mumbai, INS Rana, INS Ranjit, INS RajputUsed for anti-aircraft and anti-submarine warfare
FrigatesINS Shivalik, INS Satpura, INS Sahyadri, INS Talwar, INS Teg, INS TrikandUsed for anti-submarine warfare and escort duties
CorvettesKamorta-class corvette (INS Kamorta), Kora-class corvette (INS Kora), Khukri-class corvette (INS Khukri), Veer-class corvette (INS Veer), Abhay-class corvette (INS Abhay), Abhay-class corvette (INS Abhay)Used for coastal patrol and anti-submarine warfare
Landing Craft UtilityLCU Mk IV-class utility landing craft (LCU 54)Used for amphibious warfare
Large offshore patrol vesselsSaryu-class offshore patrol vessel (INS Saryu), Sukanya-class patrol vessel (INS Sukanya), Vishwast-class offshore patrol vessel (INS Vishwast), Vikram-class offshore patrol vessel (INS Vikram)Used for coastal patrol and anti-piracy operations
Fleet tankersJyoti-class fleet tanker (INS Jyoti), Aditya-class replenishment and repair ship (INS Aditya), Deepak-class fleet tanker (INS Deepak), Shakti-class fleet tanker (INS Shakti), Shardul-class tank landing ship (INS Shardul)Used for replenishment at sea

List of aircrafts/helicopter

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Hawk Mk 132TrainerTraining
SEAKING 42 (B/C), UH 3HHelicopterSearch and Rescue
KAMOV-28, KAMOV-31HelicopterAnti-Submarine Warfare
ALH, ChetakHelicopterUtility
UAV Heron, UAV SearcherUnmanned Aerial VehicleReconnaissance
Dornier 228, IL 38, Boeing P-8IAircraftMaritime Patrol
MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB fighters (single and twin seaters, respectively)Fighter Jets Air Defence (From aircraft carrier)

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